This blog is about stavechurches and the runic graffiti on their walls.

To find out more about stavechurches and runes, click those tabs.

There are about 200 runic inscriptions found on the walls of stavechurches, as well some rune-sticks found under their floors. There are also runes on more portable objects found in some churches, but I am only studying the texts which can be presumed to have been made in situ.

As all of the surviving stavechurches are found in rural parts of Norway and most of the texts are casual graffiti, it is reasonable to suppose that they were written by the people who lived near and used the stavechurches. As such they make a fascinating comparison to evidence we have from urban rune-sticks.

My intention with this blog is to post about stavechurches on Sundays, runic texts on Tuesdays and how my thesis is going on Thursdays.


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